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Definition of Love

download images of love quotes1. What is love? If we try to find the answer there may be many explanations. It is a set of emotions, behaviours, and beliefs connected with strong sentiments of affection, protectiveness, kindness, and admiration for another person. Love comprises a range of strong emotional and mental state of attachment with the person who is the centre of your attraction for whom you may feel the deepest affection. Love is also recognised as a virtue of human kindness, empathy, and caring. It may also represent humane and loving care towards other humans or creatures.

Dimensions of Love

download love images with quotes2.  Love has many dimensions to it like it is sensual, compassion, caring and sharing, trust and of course friendship. Love is the opposite of fear, anger or hatred. This is one virtue which is bestowed upon us right from our birth. We are born to love but often harsh realities of life in this world and circumstances have an adverse effect. But then love is what everyone desires and you know love bug has bitten you when you cannot fall asleep.

What is Love and Life

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3.  Love is also one of the most intense emotions people experience. It attributes to a feeling of a strong attraction and emotional attachment with fellow human beings or a particular person. When love strikes like a bolt of lightening, we do not have any control over our emotions. For those who are in Love, it is a gift of God because it is said Love is God. In Love intimacy, passion and commitment are core components of love.

What is Love and its Deep Meaning

i love u quotes images4.  Love is putting up with each other’s faults. In this world no one is perfect and therefore love is to believe and to trust and not to have any doubts in your mind whatsoever. Trust is the key because with trust even silence is understood. Without having faith and trust in your love, even words are misunderstood. Trust is, therefore, the soul of any relationships and true love.

Love is Immortal

image quote about love5.  Love in its various forms has been a major facilitator of interpersonal bonds and owing to its central emotional importance, is one of the most prevalent themes in the creative arts. Love has inspired the greatest work of arts, literature and architecture. The Taj Mahal in Agra, India is the iconic symbol of Love. Love is always enduring which means that it puts up with the little things that drive us crazy. Love is real when it can hold fast against all odds and it also looks for the best in others and brings these things out.

True Love Withstands est of Time

images download of love6.  True love can withstand the test of time. When you are with someone for a long period of time, it allows you to go through a lot of emotional experiences, both happiness and sadness. Your relationship grows stronger only if your heart can withstand those emotional upheavals. It is not possible to be happy at all times as in our life we go through a lot of emotions and problems in. However, through all these ups and downs in your lives, holding steadfast and be together makes your love continues to grow stronger. Kingdoms have been sacrificed for love. History is witness that many battles have been fought for the sake of love. Love has ruled mankind since time immemorial. Therefore those who experience love are fortunate and lucky ones.

Beautiful Messages and Quotations on Love

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